The Minolta 9000 uses two AA-size batteries which supply power for autofocusing, metering, and shutter release. Either alkaline-manganese, nickel-cadmium, or carbon-zinc batteries can be used.

To load batteries:
  1. Set main switch to OFF, then remove battery holder by sliding release tab in direction indicated by arrow and pulling holder out.
  2. Place new batteries in holder with plus (+) and minus(-) ends as indicated.
  3. Slide holder back into handgrip and press on base of holder to snap it into place.


Battery check
To check battery condition: Set main switch to ON position, then touch or slightly press operating button. If LCDs start blinking, battery power is getting low and fresh batteries should be installed.

Low-power indications
Fresh batteries should be installed in any of the following cases:

Cold-weather operation
Performance of batteries tend to decrease as they become colder. Before using the camera in cold weather, make sure fresh batteries are loaded. A spare set should be carried in a warm pocket, in case you need to change batteries while shooting. Battery capacity will be restored as their temperature rises.
For prolonged cold-weather use at approx. 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower, use of AA-size nickel-cadmium batteries is recommended.

Memory storage
The following settings are stored in the camera's memory as long as fresh batteries are installed in the camera: exposure adjustment, film speed, and manual exposure settings.
Whenever the battery holder is removed and reinserted: exposure adjustment is set to +/-0.0, film speed is set to either the ISO setting for DX-coded film in use or ISO 100 for non-DX films, and manual exposure settings are reset to 1/250 sec. and f/5.6.