The main switchshould be set to OFF position when camera is not in use. This will prevent battery drain or accidental release of the shutter. To operate camera, move main switch to ON or ON position.
At ON position, the camera gives audible beeps when subject is brought into focus (with focus hold engaged) and during self-timer operation.


The Minolta 9000's operating button is used to release the shutter and features a touch-sensitive switch for activating the meter and autofocus systems. To conserve battery power, the operating button functions only when main switch is set to ON or ON .

Meter activation
To activate the meter, touch the operating button. In low light, the LCD panel in the viewfinder is automatically illuminated. For easier operation of other controls, meter remains on for 10 seconds after lifting your finger from button.

The camera's autofocus system is activated whenever the operating button is touched. The camera will continuously adjust focus on the subvect in the focus frame as long as your finger remains on the operating button. To hold focus, press operating button halfway, recompose photo, and release shutter.
For a detailed explanation of how to use the autofocus system, refer to pages 22 to 25.

Shutter release
After focusing, release shutter by pressing operating button all the way down in a smooth, steady stroke. Never use a quick jab, which may shake the camera and result in blurred pictures.