Automatic setting with DX-coded films
When DX-coded film is loaded, camera automatically displays the film's ISO rating after film is advanced to the first frame. To manually set film speed to a higher or lower rating, refer to the following section.

Manual setting of film speed
When non-DX film is loaded, film-speed setting from the previous roll is displayed. Film speed can be set manually by pressing film-speed key (marked ISO) and moving shutter up/down control to increase or decrease the displayed value. Each time control is moved, setting changes by 1/3 stop. After film is speed is set, release ISO key and camera is ready to operate. Film-speed setting can be checked at any time by pressing ISO key.

With non-DX films, anytime the battery holder is removed and reinserted, film-speed seting reset to "ISO 100" which blinks rapidly in the data panel, and shutter cannot be released. Before camera can be operated, desired film speed must be reset manually as explained earlier. For DX-coded films, if the displayed setting is correct, just touch the operating button and the camera can be operated.