Program (P) mode is ideal when you just want to compose and shoot. This mode features automatic multi-program selection which instantly matches the exposure program to the focal length in use. In this mode, both aperture and shutter speed are set automatically and displayed in the viewfinder and data panel.

To set mode: Rotate exposure mode selector to align "PROGRAM" with index on data panel

Auto multi-program selection (AMPS)
In program mode, one of three programs is automatically selected to match the lens focal length actually in use.

Shorter than 35mm:
Wide program sets the smallest practical aperture for maximum depth of field.

35mm to 105mm:
Standard program is Minolta's faster-speed type that sets optimum shutter speeds and apertures.

Longer than 105mm:
Tele program sets faster shutter speeds to protect against blur from camera shake.


Program shift
While remaining in Program mode, program shift can be used to temporarily select alternative aperture-shutter speed settings. Shifting the program does not change total exposure; it only changes the combination of settings used for achieving the same exposure. For example, if the program is shifted to use a faster shutter speed, the camera will automatically set a larger aperture to balance it and maintain the same relative exposure.

Using program shift
To shift the program, move the shutter or aperture up/down control until the desired shutter or aperture setting appears in the viewfinder and data panel. Settings change in half-stops increments, and "P" in the viewfinder blinks to indicate when program shift is in use. Before exposure, shifted settings are held for ten seconds after lifting finger from operating button. After exposure, program shift is cancelled as soon as finger is lifted from operating button.