To set mode: Rotate exposure mode selector to align "A" with index on data panel. A small pointer appears next to the aperture setting to indicate that it can be set manually.

To set aperture: Move either aperture or shutter up/down control until desired aperture is shown in data panel and viewfinder. Each time you move an up/down control, aperture will change by 1/2 stop. Aperture changes rapidly when control is held in either direction.
Any available aperture from the range indicated on the front of the lens can be set. The AF 50mm/1.7 lens, for example, is marked 1:1.7 (22) indicating a range of f/1.7 to f/2.


Creative aperture control
In A mode, you select the aperture and the camera automatically sets the shutter speed required for proper exposure. This mode should be used when you want to control the range of sharpness (i.e., depth of field) in a photograph, as for making a large part of the scene sharply focused or emphasizing a subject against an out-of-focus background.

A. Large apertures (i.e., small f-numbers such as f/2 or f/3.5) yield a shallow field of sharp focus.
B. Small apertures (i.e., large f-numbers such as f/11 or f/16) give greater depth of field.
Refer to page 38 for further information about controlling depth of field and using the preview switch.