Accessory shoe
When using a Minolta Program Flash 2800AF or 4000AF unit, X-sync is automatic and Minolta Direct Autoflash Metering (TTL off-the-film) operates in all modes. X-sync in P mode is set at 1/250, 1/125, or 1/60 sec. depending on light level; in A mode, X-sync is set at 1/250 sec., and any aperture can be selected; in S mode, any speed 1/250 sec. or slower can be selected and aperture is set automatically to f/5.6; in M mode, any speed 1/250 sec. or slower and any aperture can be set.

Sync terminal
The sync terminal accepts PC-type sync cords from flash units that do not have a hot-shoe contact. Camera´s X-sync speed must be set manually to any speed 1/250 sec. or slower. The camera´s TTL flash metering does not operate with such units. To determine aperture setting for correct exposure, refer to flash owner´s manual or use a flash meter.
Compared to portable electronic flashes, large studio-type units have capacitors which require more time to discharge at full power. Shutter speed should generally be set to 1/125 sec. or slower to assure full exposure when using these units.