Program flash 2800AF
The Program Flash 2800AF is so versatile and easy to use that you'll want it handy day and night.
It features a maximum guide number of 28 in meters at ISO 100. The maximum flash range is 16 meters when using a lens set at f/1.7. In daylight, fill-flash is automatic in program mode. Other features include: a built-in AF illuminator for autofocusing, automatic X-sync, Direct Autoflash Metering (TTL off-the-film) that operates in all modes, and thyristor circuitry for high-speed recycling with maximum battery life.

Program Flash 4000AF
The Program Flash 4000AF combines all the features of the 2800AF with its own unique capabilities.
It features a powerful maximum guide number of 40 in meters at ISO 100, adjustable in 6 steps. When using a lens set at f/1.7, maximum flash range is 23 meters. The power zoom head automatically adjusts flash coverage for focal lengths from 28mm to 70mm, even while zooming. It can also be tilted 90 degrees up and 180 degrees side-to-side for bounce-flash photography. To keep you informed, an LCD data panel continuously displays a full range of exposure-related information.

Control Grip CG-1000 Set
The Control Grip CG-1000 attaches cordlessly to the Minolta 9000 and accepts either the Program Flash 4000AF or 2800AF. Its battery pack holds six AA-size batteries and delivers the additional power needed to reduce recycling time for sequential shooting. When two Program Flash or other compatible devices are used, lightning-ratio control is automatic. Included in the CG-1000 set are an AF Illuminator AI-1000 and 5m Extension Cable EC-1000.

Motor Drive MD-90
Available as an optional accessory to the Minolta 9000, operation of the Motor Drive MD-90 is fully integrated with that of the camera. For maximum versatility, the MD-90 attaches cordlessly and enables continuous film advance at up to 5 frames per second, single-frame advance, or focus-priority shutter release with continuous film advance. The shutter-release button, located on the detachable battery pack, can be used when holding the camera vertically.
Purchased separately, either of two battery packs attaches to the MD-90 to supply power for film advance and power rewinding. The Battery Pack BP-90M uses AA-size batteries. The NiCd Battery Pack NP-90M has a built-in nickel-cadmium battery and comes with the NiCd charger NC-90M for quick recharging.

Program Back Super 90 and Program Back 90
Either of Minolta's Program Backs can be attached cordlessly in place of the Minolta 9000's standard back. Film speed for data imprinting is set automatically by the camera.
Program Back Super 90 features: Seven exposure modes, including three user-selectable exposure programs; automatic bracketing of up to 9 exposures; an intervalometer with settings for start time, length of interval, number of exposures per interval, and number of groups of exposures; concealed data imprinting of exposure data, consecutive and fixed numbers, date, or time along edge of frame; and a spot-metering memory that stores up to 8 readings from the camera's built-in meter.
Program Back 90 enables imprinting of time (with day), year/month/ day in any of three orders, consecutive numbers, or fixed numbers. When desired, imprinting can be combined with its intervalometer and long- exposure functions.

User-changeable Focusing Screens
Besides the Minolta 9000's standard focusing screen, four additional Acute-Matte screens are available. Tweezers are supplied with each screen, enabling quick, simple replacement by users.
Focusing Screen 90
Type G: Standard screen, focus frame and spot-metering circle on matte field; for general photography
Type L: Grid, focus frame, and spot-metering circle on matte field; for general and architectural photography
Type S: Vertical and horizontal scales, focus frame, and spot-metering circle on matte field; for macro-, micro-, and astrophotography
Type C: Focus frame and spot-metering circle on clear field
Focusing screen 70
Type PM: Split-image/microprism/matte-field; autofocusing zone along split-image, spot-metering area same diameter as microprism circle

Wireless Controller IR-1N Set
The Wireless Controller IR-1N Set permits cordless, remote-control photography from up to approx. 60 meters away. For maximum versatility, the Motor Drive MD-90 can be attached to the camera for shooting remote- controlled sequences. Separate receivers can be used for controlling up to three cameras.

Remote Cord RC-1000L and RC-1000S
A remote cord should be used for long exposures (at "bulb" setting) or anytime you want to release the shutter without shaking the camera. Autofocusing and metering are both activated by partially pressing the release button. Pressing and sliding the release button locks the shutter open for long exposures.
RC-1000L is 5 meters long; RC-1000S is approx. 50cm long.

Eyepiece Corrector 1000
In addition to the Minolta 9000's built-in eyepiece adjustment, nine eyepiece correction are also available for further adjustment of the eyepiece. These can be purchased separately and range from -4 to +3 diopters. Correctors snap into the camera's eyepiece frame.

Minolta Polarizing (Circular) Filter
To reduce or eliminate reflections from glass, water, or metallic surfaces, Minolta's Polarizing (Circular) Filter should be used. If a regular polarizing filter is used, autofocusing and metering may not be accurate. (Light from regular polarizing filters are not fully transmitted by the Minolta 9000's semi-silvered main mirror.)

Autofocusing can be used with these Minolta filters:
L37 (UV), Y52 (yellow), G0 (green), O56 (orange), R60 (red), 1A and 1B (skylight), Minolta Portrayer, and Polarizing (Circular).

Other filters
When using filters other than those listed, autofocusing may not be accurate. In this case, focus manually with the filter attached, or autofocus and then attach filter.

Other Minolta system accessories
The following Minolta system accessories can be used with the Minolta 9000:
Angle Finder VN, Magnifier VN, Cable OC, Cable EX, Cable CD, Triple Connector TC-1000, Off-Camera Shoe, filters, Wireless Controller IR-1N Set with optional Connecting Cord IR-1 (C).

Minolta Autoflash units
All Minolta Auto Electroflash units can be used on the Minolta 9000; however, autofocusing and certain other features will not operate.
360PX and 132PX: FDC (Flash Distance Check) signal does not function; all other functions are the same.
280PX: FDC signal does not function; "Lo" power setting cannot be used.
Macro 80PX: FDC signal does not function; illumination lamps go out when operating button is touched.
X-series units: TTL metering and FDC signal do not function.