35mm single-lens reflex camera with autofocus and multi-mode exposure control

Film format:
24 x 36mm

Lens mount:
Minolta "A"-type bayonet, self-lubricating stainless steel

Autofocus system:
Minolta TTL phasedetection type; working range: EV 2 to 19 at ISO 100; LED focus signals in viewfinder for both manual and automatic focusing

Electronically controlled vertical-traverse focal-plane type

Shutter-speed range:
In P and A modes: stepless 1/4000 to 30 sec.; in M and S modes: 1/4000 to 30 sec. in full-stop settings; "bulb" operates in M mode

Metering systems:
TTL center-weighted averaging by compound silicon photocell at bottom of mirror box, or spot metering for midtone, highlight or shadow using center portion of same SPC; spot-measurement area: 5.5mm circle in center of focusing screen, approx 2.7% of film frame; center-weighted averaging range: EV 1 to 20 with ISO 100 and 50mm f/1.4 lens (e.g. 1 sec at f/1.4 to 1/4000 sec at f/16)

Film speed settings:
ISO 6 to 6400 in third-stop increments; automatic film speed setting for DX-coded films can also be set manually: manual setting for non-DX films also possible

Exposure modes:
Program AE with automatic multi-program selection of wide, standard, or tele program and program-shift capability; aperture-priority AE; shutter- priority AE; metered-manual exposure

Flash exposure modes:
Direct (TTL) autoflash metering by same SPC; in all modes for ISO speeds 12-1000; program AE: automatic setting of X-sync to 1/250 sec. (above EV 13 at ISO 100), 1/125 (EV 12-13), or 1/60 (below EV 12); aperture-priority AE: X-sync set to 1/250 sec.; shutter-priority AE and metered manual: 1/250 or slower speeds usable, speed automatically reset to 1/250 sec. for manually set speeds above 1/250 sec.

AE lock:
Works in P, A and S modes; used in all exposure modes for highlight- and shadow-based spot metering; used for slow-shutter sync with dedicated flash

Exposure adjustment:
-4 to +4 in half-stop settings

Eye-level fixed pentaprism type with built-in eyepiece correction adjustable from -3 to +1 diopters; field of view: 94% of film-frame area; magnification: 0.81X with 50mm lens at infinity

Data displays:
Top panel: LCDs indicate shutter speed, aperture, film speed, exposure adjustment, "bulb" elapsed time Viewfinder: LCDs indicate exposure mode, metering mode, shutter speed, aperture, film speed, exposure adjustment, and exposure deviation in metered-manual mode.

Operating button:
Touch Switch activates metering and continuous autofocusing; meter stays on for 10 sec. after finger is lifted from button; pressing halfway holds focus; pressing all the way releases shutter

Film transport:
Manual film advance: Film-advance lever has 30 offset angle with 128 movement in single or multiple strokes Film rewind: Manual by rewind crank Frame counter: Additive type; camera set to 1/4000 sec. and lens' minimum aperture until "1" appears in frame counter

Semi-silvered swing-back type; secondary mirror for metering and autofocusing

Audible signals:
With main switch at ON position, camera "beeps" when using focus hold, focusing manually, and during self-timer operation

Electronic with 10-second delay; operation indicated by blinking LED and audible "beeps"; cancellable

Two AA-size 1.5v alkaline-manganese, carbon-zink, or 1.2v rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries

Preview switch:
Used for checking depth of field; operates in all four exposure modes; pressing partway down stops down and locks lens diaphragm at aperture setting shown in data panel and finder; when used, "F" blinks in data panel.

Multiple-exposure button:
Enables making more than one exposure on a single frame; when pushed all the way in, shutter can be recocked without advancing film; frame counter does not advance during use.

Sync terminal, eyepiece shutter, remote-control terminal, film window, user-changeable focusing screen

53 x 92 x 139mm

645g without batteries and lens